Flickr flicks a kid and his cigarette

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I don't think much of smoking in general and I certainly don't approve of children smoking. I imagine most people agree, at least on that last part. That's why, in the US and much of the rest of the world, the minimum age to purchase tobacco products is eighteen years old. Generally speaking, kids aren't allowed to smoke.

Be that as it may, many kids still do smoke. Romania, apparently, is no different. As part of his set of pictures entitled The Romanian Way, Maarten Dors posted a picture of a boy smoking to the photo sharing website Flickr. Unfortunately, someone at Flickr felt that this was an inappropriate image and deleted it, claiming Yahoo! policy.

Bear in mind that this was not an image aimed at children, or even one that a kid would find interesting but is, instead, an artistic commentary on real life. It seems to me that we need to accept that sometimes the world is not the way we want it to be. There are times we should hide it from our kids -- it is our job to protect them from that which they don't need to worry about -- but trying to hide painful reality from ourselves can only result in further pain.

Currently, the photo is there once again, but who knows how long it will stay. What do you think, should we censor photos that show inappropriate behaviour, or should we permit their existence, regardless of how uncomfortable they might make us feel?

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