Dirty Laundry: so cute it hurts

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There is a little boutique close to our home that sells local women's clothing, yummy smelling home essence, kid's clothes and dolls, and some of the cutest jewelry I've seen in eons. It's a mishmash of all things wonderful, the kind of store that makes you want to linger, smell, and touch. Some of the stuff there is a little too expensive for me, but I stopped in with Nolan this afternoon and I could not possibly resist this little shirt.

The one I bought for Nolan is kelly green, with a brown monkey hanging from the collar with a satisfied little expression. I normally wouldn't pay $ 35.00 for a kids shirt, but the fabric on this is so soft, it begs to be saved for cherished photos. The attached tag assures me: " This t-shirt is different. It is made with free and imaginative spirit combined with the iniest cotton and artisan techniques, creating nothing less than a piece of art." The applique is hand done and I think you can tell: it's gorgeous.

I'm also partial to the stud and sushi shirts. If you're looking for something unusual and special, a list of stores is available here.


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