Attack of the snack assignments

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When I was in kindergarten, snack time was a graham cracker and little carton of milk. Class birthdays were joyous celebrations because the birthday kid brought in cupcakes or faced shunning on the playground. (Also, we walked to school in our bare feet. In snow past our little ears! Uphill! Both ways!) After kindergarten, snack time was but faint memory, but the birthday cupcakes remained for a couple more years.

How times have changed!

  • On the first day of kindergarten (which is now an all-day, every day affair in our area) a snack chart was sent home. Parents are asked to proved TWO different snacks for 28 kids on their assigned day, one for morning and one for afternoon.
  • Earlier in the week I received a note about my snack requirement for the junior high Cross Country team. I'm to provide 55 individual bags of potato chips for after the next meet. This will be in addition to the sandwiches, granola bars, a fruit, and beverage other parents will be bringing. (There's a special notation that these are just snacks and the team bus will be stopping at McDonald's on the way back, so send money!)
  • There's even a snack chart for providing beverages for the HIGH SCHOOL Cross Country team for after their meets.

I'm not sure when or why snacking became such a socialist activity, but buying cases of granola bars (nut-free!) and Gatorade is getting a little annoying and expensive. Are you experiencing assigned snack burnout as well?

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