Chef Gordon Ramsey helps abused women

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Chef Gordon Ramsey, star of the show Hell's Kitchen, was on Larry King last night talking about his life. He also has written a piece for where he tells about his childhood, growing up in fear as his mother was violently abused at the hands of his alcoholic father. "Every time he got violent, any present that my brother, sisters, or I had given mum would be smashed, simply because he knew it belonged to her. There were instances when the police were called to take him away; mum was taken to the hospital while we kids were taken to a children's home," he writes.

While he can't understand why his mother never left his father, he and his wife Tana are now working to help other women do just that. They are ambassadors of Women's Aid, a national charity in England that helps women and their children escape abusive relationships.

I think it is great that he is trying to help battered and abused women and I wish him all the best in that. However, from what I have seen, Chef Gordon Ramsey is a bit of an abuser himself. He displays an appalling lack of self-control on his show, regularly allowing his temper get the best of him. A caller on Larry King last night actually asked him if he didn't think his own behavior was abusive. He does not. He says that is all part of being a perfectionist.

After seeing just a few episodes of Hell's Kitchen, I tuned out. I don't enjoy watching people be mean to other people, even in the name of entertainment. Although he credits his management style to the influence of chefs like Marco Pierre White and Guy Savoy, I think it is safe to say he gets his temper from his dad.

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