Can you clean your house in 19 minutes?

Someone once told me that when they had their first child, they ran around constantly trying to pick up after them. When they had their second, they learned to watch where they stepped. This has kind of been my philosphy as well -- I figure we'll clean the house after the kids move out. Then I came across this article which purports to tell you how to keep your house spic and span in just nineteen minutes a day.

I love my bathroom, but my kids certainly don't make a 2-minute mess. Heck, I figure the whole house is kinda disposable -- as long as it lasts until they're off to college, that's all I ask for. After that, I can build a new one. What do you think? Do you keep your house tidy and neat or have you surrendered to your children and their toys? Could you clean your house is less than twenty minutes?

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