Child forced to be real life 'Artful Dodger'

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I got teary-eyed watching this video. It's from a surveillance camera located in Lucky Leo's, an arcade in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. In it, you see two small children accompanied by an adult hanging out in the arcade. Nothing exceptional there, until the three of them approach a door to a restricted area and one of the children is prompted by the adult to slip under that door and steal a purse.

In the beginning, the little girl hesitates to do what she has obviously been told to do. The adult shoves her down onto the floor and then adds a few more foot shoves before the little girl wiggles under the door, goes straight to the purse and slips back out again. Everybody then walks quickly away.

It is unclear whether the adult in the video is a man or woman, but there is no doubt that these children need to be taken far, far away from this person.

Another disturbing aspect of this video is the presence of witnesses, who saw what was happening and did nothing. Unbelievable.

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