Christian children's clothing condemns non-believers to Hell

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I'm all for people believing whatever they want -- far be it from me to tell you that there's something wrong with your faith. However, do you really want your kid going around in a shirt that condemns all the non-believers to Hell?

Like a billboard on a rural American highway, this shirt (that's available in adult and children's sizes -- even onesies) asks all who read it: "If you miss the Rapture, where in Hell will you go?"

Granted, I don't know very much about Hell, but I'm not sure exactly what that means. Are there different sections or something, for different kinds of "bad" people?

Regardless, the shirt is available in a couple different styles, plus your choice of color -- white, blue, or pink. So, for those who are interested in condemning at random, you have options.

[via New Humanist]

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