Angelina Jolie's commitment to educate 1 million children

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Angelina Jolie may take a lot of heat for stealing a husband and spending tons of cash on her daughter's handbag, but you cannot deny that she is making a positive difference in the lives of children all over the world. At the Clinton Global Initiative 2007 Annual Meeting Jolie announced a commitment by the The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict to educate more than 1 million children around the world whose lives have been damaged by conflict.

Jolie is a co-founder of the Partnership, along with Gene Sperling, of the Center for Universal Education on the Council on Foreign Relations. This commitment from 19 organizations and individuals in 15 countries represents a total of $148 million dollars to be spent improving educational opportunities for these children.

Through the partnership's commitment, 350,000 children in conflict-affected regions will have the opportunity to attend school. Another 690,000 children will benefit from improved learning environments, safety, materials and teacher quality. 200,000 Iraqi refugee children will be assisted and more than 300,000 children affected by the Darfur genocide will be aided.

Wow. I am way impressed with what this woman is doing with her life. Her compassion and willingness to give of herself is to be admired. And old Slick Willie isn't doing too bad himself.

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