Kids toy store: "do not play with the toys!"

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My Mom and I just got back from a chilly fall day at Lonsdale Quay. Nolan and I had to buy a birthday present for his little friend (thanks for all the suggestions) and we thought we'd have some fun too. The farmer's market is open Saturdays, selling crisp yellow fall apples and fuzzy striped scarves. We ate some crepes and saw a mouse (which both shocked and delighted Nolan and caused my Mom and I to push our food over to the side of the plate, because if you see one, then how many trillion are lurking in the walls waiting to pounce?) and then headed upstairs to the toy store.

I'd seen the store before, but had never gone in. My Mom had been in there the other day, checking out a 100-dollar-plus suede toddler jacket (to which I was aghast -- he'd outgrow it in four days and 50 bucka is the absolute limit on anything that goes on his body, jackets included) and the proprietor bolted for her, exclaiming over its beauty. I immediately got a little turned off, I hate aggressive salespeople.

Anwyway, Nolan and I looked for some cars or coloring material for his friend and we came across a yellow bucket full of shiny, primary-color trucks.

"Oooh, cars!" Nolan exclaimed, but I had to brush his hand back because on top of the cars was a handmade sign with a bold "Please do not play with toys!" declaration. I looked at it and took Nolan's hand and directed him toward some packaged toys, stuff he couldn't play with. Because isn't having a small child in front of an open box of tempting trucks kind of like placing an alcoholic in front of a couple vats of scotch and telling him not to drink?

I understand that the toy store doesn't want to sell a bunch of broken, grimy cars. But isn't that why there are packages? I didn't end up buying anything there -- I think it's a little insane to have a glowering owner and a sign that says "Do not play!" in a toy store. What do you think?

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