Bruce Springsteen, rock star dad

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One of my good friends likes to reminisce about seeing Bruce Springsteen performing in dive bars in New Jersey before he became famous. Even then, she says, he was an amazing live performer and it was clear that he would be a star. He is a big time famous rock star now, but the Boss is also dad to three kids: Evan, 17, Jessica, 15, and Sam, 13.

When asked by the Today show's Matt Lauer if he finds it difficult to morph from regular dad guy back to the "rock star side", Springsteen jokes, "Noooo. When you get up in front of all these people, you have to do something."

Meredith Vieira interviewed Springsteen's rock star wife, Patti Scialfa, earlier this month and says of Springsteen, "He's very genuine, very genuine." He also seems like an involved, hands-on father who spends a lot of time with his children. He eats breakfast with his family each weekday and has been seen out and about with his kids, recently accompanying Evan to a concert and watching accomplished equestrian Jessica compete.

With those two for parents, it is no surprise to find out the kids are also musically inclined, playing guitar and writing music themselves. I wonder if they will be hanging out with dad in December, when he and his E Street Band kick off their first full-scale tour since 2003?


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