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There was a time when I thought spotless showers doors were reserved for the childless or obsessive-compulsive. There was no way I could enforce the mandatory after-shower squeegee-ing that would be required to keep our facilities streak-free after every use (4x's a DAY even with two kids still in the bath phase of life!), so I tried to turn a blind eye to the eyesore in our bathroom between cleaning days.

Then a friend clued me in on her secret weapon for sparkling tiles and doors: Method's Daily Shower Cleaner. This non-toxic, non-flashy, and non-chemical smelling solution (very important for those with a sensitivity to chemicals and allergies in our house) has kept the shower doors, walls, and even the metal fixtures shiny and streak free for months.

My new cleaning routine couldn't be easier: after a shower, I spritz all the wet surfaces with the Daily Shower Cleaner, which is stored on a shelf in the shower, making it as much a part of my morning routine as putting conditioner on my hair. As I towel off and get dressed, the magical earth-friendly ingredients power off all the crud and gunk for me. Done and done! (Going to Starbucks to celebrate your time-saving cleaning skills is an optional, but very enjoyable part of the process.)

Method's Daily Shower Cleaner is available at Target and on the Method website for about $4 a bottle.

The only thing that could make me love Method's Daily Shower Cleaner more was if it worked on toilets.

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