Mothers of sons: do you know what a SIB is?

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A close friend of our family works in Geriatric Health. And man, working in that field would be tough. I'm pretty sure I'd rather sit in a dank parkade dispensing yellow tickets or wearing a pizza cutout around my head than have to face dying and withering and possible dementia everyday. Besides the general unpleasantry of witnessing strangers become old and frail, I'm sure I'd scare the hell out of myself imagining my self becoming cloudy with disease, neglect and fog.

Anyway, our friend was telling us recently about the phenomenon of "SIB", a commonly used term in Geriatric Health. She was swinging around the acronym like it was "LOL" or "MIL" -- something very common.

"What, exactly, is an SIB?" I asked.
"Oh," she replied,"A son in basement. The son of an elderly woman, still living in her basement. Maybe he isn't working, maybe he has an alcohol problem -- but it results in his elderly Mother refusing to sell her house to move to a more manageable apartment. Because she doesn't want to kick out her adult son"
"This is common?"

I thought about this for a minute. SIB's are so common that there is an acronym for them?

"Is there such thing as a daughter in basement?"
"Not really, no."
"Huh," I said, thinking, "I guess I'll have to let Nolan know now that he needs to be out by twenty five."

But it was an interesting question. Why are sons more predisposed to hover in their Mother's basements than daughters?

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