The lost art of the thank you note

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A few days after Ellie's birthday party last week, she received a thank you note from one of the guests. Her little friend wanted to thank her for inviting her to the party. Nobody has ever done that before and I was surprised and impressed - this mother is clearly trying to instill good manners in her child.

I am a stickler for the thank you notes. Ellie and I sit down with the list of who attended the party and what they brought and thank them personally in a written note. We usually include a picture of the child at the party along with the note. This thank-you-note-writing is sometimes a battle because while Ellie is grateful, it seems like a lot of work to her. Plus, she is also quick to point out that nobody ever gives her thank you notes.

That isn't entirely true, but for the most part, she is right. Of the dozens of parties she has attended in the past few years, only a few children bothered to thank Ellie for attending their party and for the gift she brought. This makes my job of teaching her proper etiquette more difficult, but it also makes me wonder why these parents don't insist that their child properly thank their guests with a written note. Rather than write cards, one mother I know has her children call each guest and thank them. This is better than nothing, I suppose. But what ever happened to writing thank you notes? Is this a thing of the past?

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