We had stomach flu this weekend, and it was kind of nice

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Both of my kids had the stomach flu (noro virus, I believe) over the weekend. I did forty million loads of laundry, washed my hands so many times they cracked, and stayed in the house (and in my pajamas) for the greater part of three days.

But honestly, there was an upside to the whole thing.

My five-year-old got sick on Wednesday afternoon; by Thursday morning, he was done throwing up but was lethargic and a little sad. My husband took our older son to school and the little one and I snuggled on the sofa and watched Charlie and Lola and played with farm animals. In the afternoon, we climbed in the big bed and took a nap, all curled up together.

My seven-year-old got sick on Thursday night (of COURSE) and since Friday was a school holiday, we all stayed home. We watched movies and played board games and built a castle for the farm animals. In the afternoon, we all took a nap. We stayed in our pajamas all day.

I could have done without all the throwing up and crying and the constant fear that I would be the next one with the flu, but that two days of peaceful time with my kids made it almost worthwhile. I so rarely have days where I'm not squeezing in a trip to the grocery, or where the kids aren't jumping off the furniture while I try to work. My kids are in school full time and play soccer on the weekends, and they never get to lounge around in their jammies for the entire day. This weekend was oddly restful and peaceful, despite the sickness.

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