Yet another case of stolen images

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On the heels of J.D. Griffieon's discovery of stolen images followed by the Orkut controversy, it seems another popular blogger has become a victim of image theft.

Brenda Ponnay has delighted her readers for years at her personal website, Secret Agent Josephine, with her parenting tales and amazing illustrations. In fact, just recently, ParentDish wrote about her darling Baby Bug Alphabet Flashcards that she generously created for her readers to download.

Unfortunately, Brenda was recently informed of a parenting website geared towards mothers using one of her illustrations as the website's main marketing logo.

Adding insult to injury, not only was this website using her illustration as the main masthead, they were selling 34 "branded" items with Brenda's illustration printed on each and every one. Can you imagine? Your personal creations unknowingly plastered on a bunch of mugs and t-shirts?

To protect her work, Brenda has decided to take down all of her illustrations and galleries for the time being. It's unfortunate that this situation will prevent her fans from sharing in her great talent.

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