An exersaucer saved my life

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In my quest to find something both entertaining and educational for my six month old son to do that will also free up my hands a little I've found myself worn out. The older he gets the more mobile my baby has become. His desire to, well, just DO things has blossomed into a fullblown obsession. Keeping him in the Pack and Play as I recently wrote, is no longer an option.

Turns out getting a mat or something similar for the floor, while appealing in that it would allow him to work on his crawling technique, will give him something to do but still requires my full attention as well as my physical presence to keep him on the mat, keep the pets off the mat and keep him from banging his head on the ground or just crawling away.

Now enter the exersaucer. Since we have a very small apartment, we decided to take a friend's advice and use an exersaucer to feed the baby and entertain him, rather than getting both an exersaucer and a highchair. Once the little guy is big enough he'll move from eating in the exersaucer to using a booster seat. That's if all goes well.

My husband decided to get the super-ultra-mega 3-in-1 exersaucer from Evenflo, one with every toy imaginable attached to it, for only a few dollars more than the regular version. If only this one would vacuum and do windows we'd be talkin'. And, naturally, the baby loves it.

We love it too as it allows us to keep an eye on the baby but do other things at the same time because, frankly, he can't get away! And he just loves his new toy. Seems like he was outgrowing his handheld toys very quickly and losing interest in them. But this--this is something all together different. Finally a toy big enough for all of us to enjoy!

Honestly, it's so cool I want to play with it myself. Even though it's covered with slobber. I don't know that we'll be able to grab the baby's attention from the toys on the exersaucer long enough to actually feed him, but it was a nice thought.


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