Anthony Kiedis is a dad

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You know how I'm always writing about things happening which make me feel old? Well now that my music (the 80's) will be to my children what my dad's music (the 50's) was to me the only thing that makes me feel even older is that Anthony Kiedis is somebody's DAD.

Who the heck is Anthony Kiedis, you may ask. Well, he's the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You know the band that used to dance around naked and do tons of drugs and brought the funk? Yeah, they were all sexed up and coked up and they made fabulous music. Then they disappeared, got cleaned up, and are now back on the scene.

And now Anthony is a dad. Anthony is in his 40's if I recall correctly, so he's right there with the rest of the folks I know having kids now. His girlfriend, model Heather Christie, however, is a teensy bit younger. Like by twenty years.

Not that I care. If Rod Stewart and Charlie Chaplin could do it then more power to Anthony. Perhaps now that he's sown his wild oats he's ready to play papa to a bouncing baby boy.

As of this writing I was unable to come up with the name, but I'm sure as soon as I post Perez Hilton will turn up something.

Congrats to Anthony and Heather--I'm sure old Anthony will be able to teach that kid a thing or too about the funk. Just remember--if you're a rock star you're never too old to have a baby with a model half your age. Anthony is still hot. If I were a young model I would be all over that.

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