Fighting a cold, and winning

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I think tis the season for running noses and raspy coughs and violent overnight stomach bugs. After my last round with the bathroom bucket, I felt the trickle of a flu bug creeping up on me. Sore throat. Achy legs. Tell-tale thud thud on the side of my cranium.

I cannot be sick, I thought. I have a toddler. Sick days means lost income means mass panic and all-consuming (insane) thoughts of lying in the ditch in the pouring rain, swaddles in plastic. I cannot be sick for fear of making Nolan sick, and god knows, he's crotchety enough these days.

"Take ColdFX," my Mom said,"It's the best."

Now, I hate medication and I am leery of anything lemon-flavoured or that makes me drowsy. And I hate being told what to do. Nevertheless, it could do no harm, right?

By the time I bought the Cold FX, downed nine capsules (yes, 9), on the first day -- my throat was swollen, my hack was pronounced, and the innards of my head were threatening to evict themselves from my cranium.

Next day was slightly better, and I took 6 more tablets. Third day? De nada. Rien. I feel like a million bucks. It could be coincidence, but friends have been raving about this stuff for years. I'm no longer convinced that it's just a placebo effect.

Have you tried this stuff? Did it work for you? I think I'm a convert.

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