Lindsay Lohan and dad get some quality time

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Do you miss Lindsay Lohan since she has been in rehab? Yeah, me either. But her dad, Michael Lohan, does and is planning a five-day visit with his wayward daughter this week. What's on the agenda for the family reunion? According to Michael, he's going to try to convince her to take Vivitrol, a drug that may help curb her craving for alcohol.

"When I get there, that will be a large part of our discussion," Michael Lohan tells E! Online. "Because no matter how you look at it, when she's out, she will be tempted. But if that craving for alcohol is not there, then she will have a much better chance to stay sober."

Unlike other alcohol-curbing drugs, which must be taken orally every day, Vivitrol is injected once a month and slowly releases into the body over a thirty-day period. This isn't her first attempt using pharmaceuticals to help with her battle against alcohol. "She tried something else, but it failed her," said Michael.

Michael is picking Lindsay up from the the Cirque Lodge treatment facility this morning and whisking her away to a secluded house in the Utah hills. There, for the first time in three years, the two will spend some alone together. Besides trying to convince his daughter to take Vivitrol, dad envisions lots of hiking and possibly some shopping. "It will be just us spending quality time together," he said. "Though I know she wants to do some shopping. She's already told me that!"

Retail therapy on top of drug therapy. Let's hope it works.

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