Pregnant Milla eats!

Yay! I am SO excited to see a pregnant celebrity give in and eat for freak's sake. Milla Jovovich, versatile star of many a fine film, including the Resident Evil franchise and one of my all time favorites, The Fifth Element, who also has her own clothing line Jovovich-Hawk (with co-creator Carmen Hawk) AND who once made an album (although we won't talk about that now, she was young...) is pregnant and definitely giving the term "eating for two" a run for its money.

Apparently the multi-talented soon-to-be-mamma has been enjoying a healthy dose of peanutbutter--perhaps a little too much. According to Milla herself the slender starlet has gained a whopping seventy pounds. That's like another person. Still, she was so small to begin with it makes sense she would gain more than the average person.

Although Milla claims she used to weigh 130 pounds (I'm sure she was fluffing and weighed less--after all, who hasn't lied to her OBGYN about her pre-baby weight?) she is quite tall. She claims that eating peanut butter and bread, possibly the best combo since Captain and Tennille, for her massive gain.

Still--check out the picture. She looks adorable! And happy! And glowing! The way a pregnant woman ought to be! Enjoy your peanut butter, Milla! Your baby needs all kinds of healthy things from you, but occasionally he or she might need peanut butter, bread, or ice cream. My baby needed cupcakes. Swear it.

The one thing I will say is that it's really enjoyable and easy to put it on. Not so much to take it off. That gal's gonna have seventy pounds to deal with--at least. Seventy. I had like thirty and I thought I was going to lose my mind right along with the weight! Perhaps that chicken and vegetable diet her doctor recommended might be a tad less fattening?

Pic of non-preggo Milla by SciFriqui.

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