Did Pam Anderson lie about having a miscarriage?

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It would be a real shame if that were true. Not so long ago I wrote a post on a news piece I read stating Pamela Anderson had suffered a miscarriage during her brief four-month marriage to Kid Rock. Her publicist later confirmed it.

I naively thought at one point that perhaps the miscarriage and not the probability that they're both totally bonkers had buckled their marriage. Having a miscarriage is devastating, and not always something a person or a couple can get over.

Like so many others, I expressed my heartfelt sympathy for Pam in her time of need. Kid Rock, now her ex-husband, is claiming Pam lied about the miscarriage to trick him into visiting her when he had tickets to a basketball game.

Woah. Heavy stuff.

Regardless of whether or not Pam lied about the miscarriage, Kid Rock probably should have had the class to bypass mentioning it to the rest of the world. That makes him as big a jerk as she is (or would be if she lied about the miscarriage to manipulate him).

Does it seem a little manipulative, speaking of that, for Mr. Rock to make that statement just before his new album hits the airwaves?

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