Elton John photograph removed from exhibit

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Recently I wrote about the controversy surrounding a photograph in Elton John's private collection that appeared as part of an exhibit. Sir Elton was involved in a child porn investigation over whether the photograph, taken by notorious artist Nan Goldin, was pornographic in nature as it featured two young girls in an explicit setting.

Now Elton has asked that the photograph be removed from the exhibit, and it has been taken down. The Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, which showcased the exhibit, has decided to bag the entire presentation rather than show only part of the collection.

I think we can alla agree this was probably a good move for Elton. I'm sorry the Baltic Center felt the need to take down the entire exhibit, but I can understand their not wanting to present only part of a body of work rather than the whole thing as the owner intended.

Still, frankly, I wouldn't have probably come into possession of such a photograph, nor would I have had the poor taste to display it to millions thereby raising suspicions and finding myself linked to a possible child pornography case. But that's just me.


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