Your older brother makes you angry (but not your older sister)

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If you have an older brother, chances are you're a more aggressive person than you would've been if you'd had a sister instead.

That's the news from Brian White on our partner site, That's Fit. He points out a recent survey that found that children with older brothers are, over time, more likely to become aggressive than kids who grow up with older sisters. What's also interesting, is that those children with younger sisters actually turn less aggressive than if they'd had a young brother, or no younger siblings at all.

No word on why this happens, though the research seems to indicate that it's because boys are more aggressive, so younger siblings, essentially, have to get tough in order to compete with their older brothers. That was certainly the case in our house -- I was the oldest, and, though I'm embarrassed about it now, I used to pick on my younger brother and sister all the time. It's not hard to see how, over the years, responding to those taunts and jabs could've made them more aggressive people.

How is it in your house? Do you think your younger children would be calmer if big brother wasn't around so much?

*Photo is of my younger brother and I. Fortunately now we get along.

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