My baby hates solids

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At least I think he does. My son is now six months old. After he developed a keen interest in whatever and whenever we were eating we thought it was time to introduce him to the wonderful world of edibles outside the bottle.

He took to formula like magic, so we hoped for a similar experience with the solids, which began with a little brown rice cereal (organic, of course!) mixed with a little formula. No dice.

At first the baby was game. He'll try anything once, and he seems very eager to please us. We made little happy noises when he took the food in, and once he worked his head around the concept of the spoon he seemed to get into eating the cereal a little bit.

Sure, more of it was on us and him and everything else, but he took some in--we know because he burped and then barfed some of it back up on us.

After a few rounds he became distracted and kept spitting back out whatever we gave him. Once he became irritated with the process we cleaned him up and I breastfed him as per some advice I read somewhere (you know how that is) to drive home the concept that both were eating.

Each time since we've tried to feed him solids we've had progressively worse luck. Now he basically refuses it. He will give it a shot at first to be nice but then declines to continue the process by freaking out.

We tried oatmeal too and are considering apple sauce as an option as well. We never get upset with him when he refuses to eat the mush, which basically looks like it tastes like crap to me, frankly. I always breastfeed the baby afterwards.

Not sure what else to do. We're seeing the doctor next Wednesday for a routine well-visit, and we'll address it then. Until then, any thoughts or suggestions? I'm sure I'm not alone in the quest to get my baby to enjoy solids!

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