Public schools: our educational backbone

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While I am not a public school teacher, I am married to one. That, however, is not why I am such a huge proponent of the public school system. This editorial touches on one of the reasons -- certainly a big one as far as our own kids are concerned -- and discusses why this makes the public school system so important to us as a society.

In addition, the author offers suggestions for making the schools better, including improving the education of teachers. "I believe the answer begins with better training and more compelling incentives to attract and keep excellent teachers," he writes. Further, he says, "part of the responsibility, then, lies with institutions of higher education." This is a topic I've touched on elsewhere in regards to a local university that was once considered a top-notch institution for training educators. They, however, have decided to focus more on profitability than quality, a strategy that has certainly worked out for Wal-Mart, although not so well for the communities they serve.

Our kids will be going through the public school system, for the author's reason and others. As he writes, "our need for the public education system is not disappearing. Rather, it is more necessary than ever." I agree completely. What do you think?

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