Boy can eat only 5 foods -- he's allergic to everything else

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Eating has always been a challenge for Tyler Savage. When he was younger, doctors told Tyler and his family that a stomach infection was behind the frequent pain, sickness and diarrhea he suffered every time he consumed food. However, when his weight continued to drop, and he regularly lacked the energy to keep up with his friends, the family pushed physicians to dig deeper -- until finally, last April, the truth was finally revealed.

Tyler is allergic to dairy products, wheat, gluten, eggs, lactose and soy. This rules out so many foods that all the 12-year-old can eat is chicken, grapes, potatoes and apples.

It turns out he's afflicted by a rare condition that causes the intestines to over-produce white blood cells. With no disease to act upon, these cells instead attack food passing through the gut on its way to the stomach -- which causes the allergic reaction.

Now, in order to correct the years of malnourishment, Tyler has been fitted with a tube that somehow bypasses his intestines, and allows him to be fed overnight -- sometimes for upwards of 10 hours. While this certainly doesn't seem pleasant, at least Tyler is finally on his way to being healthy again.

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