Couple has three kids -- all born on Oct 2nd

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Three kids, one birthday -- must be triplets, right?

Not in the Cotton house. Jenna and William's first two children were born on October 2, 2003 and October 2, 2006 -- which was already a little odd. However, it gets ever weirder, as the couple's third child, Kayla, was born in the same month, and on the same date as her two older brothers.

The odds of that happening are about 7.5 in 1 million.

Jenna started having contractions a couple hours before her sons' birthday party, and just made it through the celebration before heading off to the doctor, and giving birth to their younger sister.

I'm sure that'll only make next year's party all the more festive.

Thanks to bluepaintedred for the tip!

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