Duct taping kids -- okay in Georgia

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Are your kids unruly? Do they have trouble following the rules? Do they talk too much? Well, if you're in Georgia, you've got an option you might not have thought of previously. Long known to be the handyman's cure-all for things that move and shouldn't, duct tape is apparently an acceptable means of controlling children as well.

Last week, an assistant at an after-school program in Cobb County, Georgia used duct tape to tape a ten-year-old boy's mouth shut during a time-out. The boy's mother complained and the case was taken before a magistrate. The outcome? "It was determined there was no crime," said James Arrowood, director of public safety for Cobb schools.

This is good news because I've got two kids that would be a lot easier to take care of after a liberal dose of duct tape.

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