Mom and sprinter Marion Jones to be stripped of medals

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I've always been a rabid fan of the Olympic games, the summer games in particular. And track and field is my favourite sport to watch. I ran the 400 and 800 meters growing up and in high school; and now, watching the human body on the track in its most polished, disciplined form still gives me that vague nervous nausea I used to get before a race.

I specifically remember watching Marion Jones during the 2000 Olympics: a perfect specimen of a woman. She was all rippled muscles and explosive starts, and I was completely in awe of her. Three gold medals! It was awe inspiring.

Apparently, though, the men in Marion's lives had an association with illegal performance-enhancing drugs, and by association, there was always a little suspicion surrounding her. I watched her eagerly at the 2004 Olympics, and when she failed to perform to nearly the same standard of 2000, critics lambasted her. She was over, she had peaked. Marion cited fatigue. I thought, my god, the woman gave birth a year ago! It's amazing she's even on the track looking like that!

I'm sad that Marion is now admitting that she took illegal steroids at the peak of her career and height of her fame. She'll be stripped of all five of her medals, and more sadly, most of the respect she won around the world.

Marion's son's father is also a champion sprinter who has also been banned from track and field.


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