Nano Bloom Folding Highchair for tight spaces

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One of the tradeoffs of living within walking distance of the beach can be tight living quarters. We live in a charming 1950's bungalow, but I wouldn't use the word "spacious" to describe our home.

While researching high chairs, our main concerns were form, function and size. We decided on a Svan highchair and have been very happy with our purchase. However, if I had seen the Nano Folding Chair, I'm pretty sure it would be sitting in our kitchen as I type this.

With its modern style and flat fold design, the Nano Bloom is perfect for families living in urban communities or smaller living spaces. The Bloom features an "up-to-the-table" feeding mode, as well as the traditional tray mode with a large adjustable tray with a deep lip to prevent spills.

Most importantly, the minimalist design folds flat, freeing up highly-coveted space for other endeavors. The Bloom comes in several fun colors, including white, pink, blue and brown.

The Bloom is $150 at Modern Seed.

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