Cheesecloth ghosts

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Of course, Martha wouldn't be satisfied by simply making a ghost by tying a white Kleenex around a Tootsie Pop and calling it a day.

Oh nooooo, she's got to complicate matters by using cardboard tubes and wire and aluminum foil and cheese cloth and liquid starch...............wait a minute- none of those things are that hard to come by! This might be one of those rare and lovely instances when Martha Stewart and kid-friendliness collide!

The directions are pretty simple:

  • Cut slits around a paper towel tube and bend them out to form a base band keep the tube upright on its own (Good kid job.)
  • Jab a wire through the tubing and bend to form arms (Older kid job, if their tetanus shots are up-to-date.)
  • Roll ball of aluminum to form head (Kid job)
  • Cut cheese cloth into strips (I'm sure any fabric would do, but you know how Martha can be. You'll never see ghosts made out of leftover SpongeBob Squarepants or Dora scraps on Turkey Hill.)
  • Soak strips in liquid starch and drape over cardboard figure. (Kid job IF THEIR MOTHER HAPPENS TO LEAVE FOR A MINUTE TO USE THE BATHROOM)
  • When the fabric dries, carefully lift the cheesecloth off the cardboard (Probably a parent job, the kids will be off breaking stuff somewhere else at this point)


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