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There was a time not so long ago when I would've eschewed the opportunity to vacation at an all-inclusive resort. Same with cruises. Cruises scare me into thinking I will drown, so I've avoided them my whole life (saw Titanic-themed movies too often as a child?). Resorts are another matter all together.

My husband and I are both wanders, explorers. We like to go off the beaten path and check out whatever interests us at that moment. We also like to hit all the major landmarks and tool around, guideless and carefree. Thus, we've never considered the all-inclusive resort packages.

They seem like traps. They seem to contain you. And, uhm, they seem uncool. At least they did to the pre-baby me. Now I am starting to understand the appeal. You need something? They've got it. Anything you want is bam, presto, there.

At least it seems like it in the ads I've watched. With children it's probably best not to go off wandering. It's probably best to hang out poolside and arrange for a quiet dinner with a highchair. That kind of thing. Sounds kind of boring but also hassle free. And relaxing. Isn't that what vacation is all about???

Plus they seem safe. I worry about what could happen to us out in the middle of nowhere. At a resort it seems like someone always speaks your language, is always there to help you when you need it, and would know what to do in an emergency.

All of this is pure conjecture, of course, as I've never done an all-inclusive and certainly haven't with kids. So, I'm curious. Have you taken such a vacation? What was it like? Did it meet your expectations? Was the cost worth what you got out of it?

I got the idea in my head after reviewing this. I immediately thought to myself--hey, we could take the kid to ALL these places. We could be the little band of travelers we always were, just plus one more.

Pic of relaxing resort by dboy.

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