Talking with kids about sex

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The closest my parents ever got to explaining sex to me was after they found out that I had been getting beaten up after school in fourth grade by the eighth-grade boyfriend of a girl who claimed I had called her (or her mom? I forget) a "ho". I didn't even know what that was. My mother explained that a "ho" was a woman who sold her body, which led me to envision a woman hacking off her hands to sell to people.

Perhaps if my mother had read Third Base Ain't What It Used to Be by Logan Levkoff, she might have been better prepared for that discussion. Former journalist and mommy-blogger Erin Kotecki Vest has a posted a very positive review over at The Huffington Post where she notes that "Logan gives you ways to approach the subject with your kids without freaking them (or yourself) out."

Be forewarned, however -- although, according to Vest, the author "doesn't push her views on you, there is room for you to, of course, teach your children your beliefs," the book also "gives you the stats on abstinence only programs and why they suck." With that in mind, I suspect that some parents will find this book useful, enlightening, and possibly even entertaining while others will find it offensive and vulgar -- although I wonder how many of the latter group would be looking for such a book anyway.

With the effect that Jared seems to have on members of the opposite sex, I may need this book sooner rather than later. I like the idea of discussing sexual topics openly and accurately and it sounds like this book delivers on that.

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