Visit from the grandparents: the dreaded day after

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It's eerily quiet around our house this morning.

After a lovely four-day visit from my parents, they hugged us goodbye and returned to their part of the country, leaving me with that pesky empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. As the day slowly morphs back into our daily grind, the sadness will be replaced with responsibilities, and I'll forget what it feels like to have family around.

Wito, on the other hand, is definitely missing the extra attention, shuffling around the house, searching behind doors and furniture for his fun partners-in-crime. While having breakfast this morning, he looked at me and threw his hands up, as if to say, "Where's the party, mama? Where did everyone go?"

Although I revel in the beauty of Southern California, I wish it wasn't so far away from my loved ones. Am I the only mother out there who desperately misses her family?

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