Dog saves family from fire blamed on cat

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While stories of dogs saving their families are not entirely uncommon, not all of them feature an arsonist cat.

When a fire started in Roland Cote's Greenville home, Thumper, black Labrador retriever, ran to his side -- just like a loving, noble dog is supposed to. He tugged Roland's arm until he woke up, giving the man just enough time to call 9-11, and get out of the house.

However the family's other pet wasn't nearly so heroic. Princess, a cat, apparently started the fire by knocking over a kerosene latern -- probably while acting standoffish and aloof, and leaving her darn cat hair all over the couch.

Fortunately Roland's wife and 7-year-old grandson were away, and no one was injured. But regardless, this reaffirms my position as a dog person.

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