It's your fault your kid is a picky eater

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The first time Nolan pushed away his black cherry yogourt, a look of disgust spreading across his face, I was baffled. Nolan loves yogourt, it's been a staple favourite from the time he first ingested solids. But then I remembered: Nolan's father hates cherries. It always seemed so bizarre to me: they are cherries. Delicious, round orbs of goodness. It dawned on me then that food preferences might be genetic, and this article from the New York Times confirms my suspicions: childhood food aversions might be genetic.

Toddlers are renowned for their picky eating habits, and new research says that that pickiness might be in the genes: no need to blame your bad home cooking anymore. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, says that children's food preferences are 78% genetic and 22% environmental.

But don't worry too much if your child insists on eating only rhubarb and white toast: experts say pickiness is fleeting, usually peaking before the age of four years old.


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