Cop saves baby, sues family

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When Joey Cosmillo fell into the family's pool in January, he was rescued and resuscitated by emergency workers in Casselberry, Florida. Sadly, the child suffered brain damage and now cannot walk, talk, sit up or swallow. The 22-month-old lives in a nursing home and eats and breathes through tubes.

It's a tragic story made even more so by one of the officers who responded to the emergency call. Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn slipped and fell in the trail of water left behind when the boy's married carried him into the house. She broke her kneecap and was unable to work for two months. Her medical costs and salary were paid for by the city - or its insurer - and she returned to full duty months ago. But she wanted more and filed a lawsuit against the family accusing them of negligence.

After her callous lawsuit made the news Wednesday, hundreds of outraged citizens began calling and emailing the police station. The backlash led to her decision to drop the suit and her lawyer was expected to file the necessary paperwork Friday. In response to the public outcry, Police Chief John Pavlis has now filed a formal complaint against her and begun an internal investigation. She isn't accused of any wrongdoing, but the case is being re-examined.

I just don't even know what to say about this woman. I just hope her superiors find some way to remove her from the force as her self-serving interests are clearly at odds with her duty to serve others.

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