First year molars are big bullies. Help!

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I'm operating on about two hours of sleep. Coffee. Need coffee.

I'm pretty sure due to his excessively swollen gums, Wito's first molars are attempting to break through.

First year molars aren't messing around, people. They scoff at the pansy, itsy-bitsy front teeth that pop through the surface, ready for biter biscuits and visits to the park. First year molars are blunt bullies lurking in the dark, ready to pummel you when you least expect it. Down with first year molars!

Take last night, for example. At 12:30 am, I was right in the middle of a lovely dream starring George Clooney as my college quantum physics teacher, when BAM! I shot up in my bed, completely disoriented, jarred awake by Wito's hysterical cries. I jumped out of bed, ran into his room, and he was VIOLENT- thrashing about and screaming at the top of his lungs.

This is not typical Wito behavior. I assumed he was experiencing a night terror, but the crying only intensified as he attempted to shove his entire fist in his mouth. I carefully placed my finger inside his mouth to feel his gums, and the child went completely berserk. He punched me in the face! Yeah, you heard me! Domestic violence by a toddler!

No amount of rocking, soothing or shushing would calm him down, so I brought him into my bed. He eventually fell asleep, somehow managing to monopolize the entire bed with his right foot shoved into my kidney for the next 6 hours. I, of course, was too concerned that he would fall off the bed to sleep myself. Well, that and the renal failure I was experiencing from the kidney jabs.

Help! Any teething wisdom you would like to share? Especially concerning the night wakings?

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