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Yesterday, Sara had a appointment with her doctor, so I picked up the kids early after school and we caught the streetcar downtown. We got to the Union Square area and joined the throngs of people headed up Powell street. There were people of every type represented, from the homeless to office workers heading out for an early Friday night to executives in suits that cost a small fortune.

As we stood on street corners, waiting for the light to change in our favor and for the traffic to notice, I became aware of the people around us and the example they presented to Jared and Sara. Mind you, I'm no prude and I spent a fair bit of my life hanging out in the less savory parts of the city with its less cultured denizens, so normally, I wouldn't notice the way others behave.

With one child holding each hand, however, I noticed. I smelled the people smoking. I heard the guys behind us whose conversation seemed to consist primarily of the F-word. I saw the women who were dressed -- well, who were barely dressed. Okay, the latter I had no problem with, but the other two made me want to turn to them and shout at them "Can't you see I have kids here? Put that filthy, cancerous thing out! Clean up your language!"

Of course, I didn't because, after all, this was a public street and they had every right to behave as they did. That didn't stop me from thinking about it, though. Am I the only one that thinks these things? Am I way out there or is this normal for a parent?

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