Making veggies cool

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Remember how it turns out that you can put just about anything in McDonald's packaging and it tastes better? Well, since ordering french fry boxes -- hold the fries -- from your local franchise might not be terribly practical, here's another option for parents looking to make their kids' veggies a little more hip.

Mobi makes bags with all kids of cool designs to spruce up your kids' lunches. As design blogger Rueben Miller puts it, "Mobi's bags would be perfect for influencing kids to see healthy snacks as the 'cool thing'." And, he points out, they're as environmentally friendly as such bags can be; Mobi's packaging is made with recycled and recyclable materials.

The bags are a little pricey -- $5 for 20 sandwich-sized bags -- but that seems a small price to pay if it will get kids to eat healthy snacks. I rather like the dots pictured above, but there are a lot of hip designs to choose from.

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