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Nolan can't quite get on to his toddler bed by himself (unless he heaves and paws and grunts his way up, which is traumatizing for us both) and so I have a grubby white step stool that was left here by the last people who lived in this home. I kind of hate it, but it hasn't been on the top of my priority list as I've been wading through tantrums and general toddler misdemeanors.

But now that Nolan is wanting to see himself in the mirror when he brushes his teeth and washes his hands -- and also getting too big for me to lift him and keep him there for any length of time -- I want to get him a toddler step stool that he can use in both the bathroom and his bedroom.

Like 90% of the baby and toddler gear I purchase, I started with googling what I was looking for. But this time I'm not having a whole lot of luck. Almost all the websites that come up carry whimsically painted step stools with smiling Winnie the Pooh's or Disney characters. And the one site I did find that carries sturdy, practical blue step stools doesn't ship to Canada. I know I could buy a regular stool at a Home Depot or DIY place, but I'd like to get one that's kind of toddler oriented -- a sky blue, or chocolate brown to match his quilt.

I have looked in local kid's stores too, and I'm beginning to wonder if there's a conspiracy against plain old step stools. Anyone have any recommendations on where to look next?

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