Moms and slutty costumes

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Halloween is a huge production around these parts, as you might imagine. I mean, in New York City it's basically Halloween every day anyway with the people dress around here, but on October 31st all the kid gloves come off if you know what I'm saying.

And people are NOT tame. Last year, when I was over five months pregnant I walked in the annual Halloween parade on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I was demurely dressed as a French maid. Others were barely dressed at all. One couple was dressed--barely--as cats, with one crawling along the street (uhm, gross) and the other one petting the one on the ground.

I used to be all for that sort of grin-and-bare-it attitude. What with global warming you could get away with a bikini if you felt like it. But now that I am a mom all the desire for exposure and attention has seeped right out of me.

Yesterday we went to the infamous Ricky's to secure new Halloween costumes for our upcoming Halloween brunch. We got another little something for the baby, because I just couldn't resist, and we each ended up with something for ourselves. Well, I actually ended up with two things.

The reason for this is one of the costumes seemed a smidge too risque to wear to our brunch considering it was a brunch and not a rave. I needed a backup in case one was too short or too tight. And, there would be babies in attendance--namely, mine.

I guess after all these years modesty has caught up with me. Now I'm going as a little German lass with a lederhosen-inspired dress and cute little white knee high socks to match. I'll be wearing flat red mary janes instead of four inch heels.

That corner had to be turned, I suppose, and I'm glad I finally did it. Honestly, I stopped dressing provocatively years ago. I just didn't have it in me. And I already had a husband who thought I looked great in sweatpants, so why bring on unwanted--and unneeded--attention?

Still, there is a little piece of me that misses and will always miss getting all decked out and hitting the town with only turning heads on my mind. One year when I was feeling particularly daring I went as a showgirl. I still have the outfit but I don't think it's going to be doing me any favors any time soon. Maybe I should sell it on e-Bay!

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