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Back in May, we adopted an abandoned kitten we named Annie. At the the time, she was barely three weeks old and had to be bottle fed by hand every three hours or so. She was a lot of work, but quickly became a much-loved member of our family. To my complete surprise, nobody in this house loves that cat more than our dog, Daisy.

Daisy is a Bichon Frise and not much bigger than a full-grown cat herself. Because Annie came to us at such a young age, she had no fear of the dog and Daisy just wanted someone to play with. Like little kids who haven't learned they aren't supposed be friends, they play together all day long, a black and white ball of fur, rolling across the floor. They eat and drink together and I often catch them snuggled up and napping on the dog's bed.

It is unusual for cats and dogs to get along so well and I often hold their relationship up as an example to Ellie. It may be rather simplistic, but to me they are a perfect example of the ability to accept and appreciate the differences in others.

Daisy and Annie aren't the only ones ignoring their differences. Call me sappy, but I think these pictures are a beautiful example of looking past what is on the outside and connecting with what is on the inside. Ellie loved the pictures and maybe your kids will too.

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