McCartney dignified, Mills a gold digger

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Paul McCartney probably had high hopes that is divorce battle with Heather Mills was nearing an end last week when the two met in court to hammer out the details. As disappointed as he must have been when negotiations broke down, he still maintains his dignity. He tells the Radio Times, "The only solution is to remain dignified. If I don't keep a silence about it, I lose this idea of being dignified. But I've a wonderful baby. She's a great joy to me, as are my elder children, so I'm a lucky man."

Why can't these two work it out? According to a source, Heather is holding out for real estate, asking that she be given two of McCartney's estates. What's more, she wants to be able to talk publicly about her relationship with McCartney. The source tells the Daily Mail, "It has literally come down to bricks and mortar. Heather won't reach an agreement first and foremost because she is refusing to sign a gagging clause. She wants to be able to talk and write about her relationship with Paul. For her it's a license to another huge amount of money."

Meanwhile, Heather Mills has been crowned the world's biggest gold digger in an online poll of 2,000 British Internet users.

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