National Teen Driver Safety Week

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Automobile crashes are the number one cause of teen deaths in the U.S. In an effort to change that, the week of October 15th has been designated as National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Kathy Downing is the manager of the American Automobile Association's Driver Services and she wants parents to know just how much of an impact they really have on how their teen's drive. "Parents can have a tremendous impact on their teens' safety," she said."Teen Driver Safety Week provides an opportunity for parents to focus on teen driver safety and take practical steps that can reduce teen driver crashes. AAA created a list of ten things parents can do to help keep their teen drivers safe all year long."

Number one on that list is knowing and understanding your teen. Not all kids are ready to drive the day they become of legal age and the decision to begin driver training should be carefully considered. Another important thing for parents to remember is that kids learn by watching. Research has shown that teens with collision- and ticket-free driving records are likely to have parents with similarly clean records. For the entire list of things that parents can do to help ensure safe teen driving, click here.

AAA recommends using a professional driving school, supplemented by supervised driving practice with parents. To help with that, AAA offers Teaching Your Teens to Drive, a handbook, CD-ROM and video package that focuses on parental involvement in driving instruction. You can also find a down-loadable Parent-Teen Driving Agreement as well as other helpful tools on the AAA website.

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