ParentDish Size Six: Best fall recipes

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Pull out the slow cooker and start pre-heating the oven! These delicious and easy recipes will bring smiles to the whole family during the fall season .

1) Paula Deen's Taco Soup - Talk about an easy recipe - it should be called "Empty the Pantry" soup. You can omit the ground beef for a tasty vegetarian option. Either way, my family loves it. Make it on Friday and serve it all weekend.

2) Neiman Marcus Chocolate Cookies - These cookies generated quite an urban myth over the past few years. Who knows if this is the actual "original" recipe, but I could care less. They are GOOD.

3) Provencal Beef Stew - The fact that this is a Weight Watchers recipe is just a bonus. I'm not looking to lose any weight, but I promise this recipe is worthy. A quick saute and puree, dump into a slow cooker and you're looking at a fine feast come dinner time.

4) Cinnamon Buns - Need I say more?

5) Big-Batch Chili - This is a super-hearty chili recipe that freezes very well.

6) Baked Macaroni and Cheese - Well, this is just downright sinful.

Of course, my great-grandmother's cheese grits and cornbread dressing recipes are the best, but I'm not sure I want to offer those up to the masses just yet. How about some great dressing recipes via Rachael Ray?

What are some of your colder weather favorites?

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