Did you take your prenatal vitamins--EVERY day???

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Come on now, be honest. I really want to know. Doctors and OBGYNs and even ads in the subways are always strongly urging women to take prenatal vitamins EVERY day, before they get pregnant, while pregnant and afterwards if they're breastfeeding.

For years and what seems like an eternity I was on the Pill. And I remembered to take it every single day--I was too scared not too. I didn't want to become pregnant way back then and this was the best method for me. It was like a religion, taking that pill. I was more committed to that than to any guy I dated.

So when it came time for me to start my prenatals I easily transitioned into taking that new kind of pill. I ended up with some generic chewables a pal said she thought tasted like cat food, but I didn't mind them. I still don't--they're $10 a pop (this is New York, after all, so no $5 orders for me!) and I am still breastfeeding so I take one every morning along with my Omega 3.

And I do it every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. There were a few times, I admit freely, when I was pregnant that I realized I forgot to take my pill the day before. This happened perhaps twice. I doubled up the next day, taking one in the morning and another before bed. I wasn't going to leave anything to chance.

With all the information out there that is not only readily accessible but nearly forced down our throats as to the importance of taking our prenatal vitamins I can't imagine why any woman would not take one every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Why take a chance with spina bifida or the host of other problems that could result from not getting the proper nutrients--such as folic acid--a pregnant mother needs? It's not a chance I was willing to take, and I don't see why any woman would take that chance either.

I know someone who recently admitted to me that she "tries" to take her prenatal every day but that she runs out of them or forgets or whatever. I hate to sound like this, but I don't think there is a good excuse out there for missing a dosage.

Am I being too harsh? I know we all make mistakes and I know life throws curve balls at us. My life is hard, you know? I work hard, live in a tough city and have a very, very full life. Yet somehow I managed to be able to take my prenatals--if I can do it, why can't others?

PS--it would be really cool if any of the celebrity moms out there who are currently pregnant campaigned for women to take their prenatals!

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