How do single moms get back in the game?

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A single mother doesn't have much time to socialize; a job requiring two is left to one and leaves little time for sitting around or going out on the town. Though our time is often short we still manage to get a conversation in on the soccer sidelines or before carpool in the mornings. recently when I stopped by a friend's house to drop off my daughter for a play date, i noticed my friend's lawyer sitting on her porch swing. As I left I thought how nice and thoughtful it was for him to make a house call. On a Sunday. Then it hit me, he wasn't making a house call. He and my friend were dating! A few weeks later the same sort of thing happened at a soccer practice. I spied another single mom friend in a lip lock with a fellow soccer dad. Who knew?

All this hand holding and giddiness got to me wondering just how is it that single moms find a fellow who is interested and worthy of that next step: the post-divorce horizon of relationships. I can't date my lawyer, he is married and a devoted father of four. Same thing with the other soccer dads, married and happily driving mini-vans. I don't want to speed date, nor do I want to try online dating services. Truth be told, I am nowhere ready to jump into the pool and start fishing for dates yet. But similar to a ball gown or a fancy car, although they are pretty and have no place in my life, they are fun to think about.

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