Mel B depressed over Eddie's absence

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Spice Girl Melanie Brown seems to have a lot to be happy about these days. She has two healthy children, a new husband with whom she claims to be very happy and a sellout Spice Girls reunion tour about to begin. So, what's bugging her? According to her lawyer, Gloria Allred, she is depressed over Eddie Murphy's failure to visit their daughter, Angel.

Allred says that Brown desperately wants her six-month old daughter to have a father-figure in her life, but that Murphy refuses to play that role. "Mel's hurting at the moment. Even though she's invited Eddie to visit Angel, he's refused. She's tried every way she can think of to get him to visit his gorgeous baby. It's just hurtful."

I can't imagine Murphy's refusal to be involved in his daughter's life would come as any surprise to Brown. And it is sad for the child that her biological father doesn't want anything to do with her. But as far as having a father figure in her life, one would assume Brown's husband, Stephen Belafonte, would happily take up that position.


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