Britney's visitation rights suspended

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Apparently, Britney still isn't willing to obey the rules laid down by the judge in her custody case.

The mother of two, who just won the right to keep her boys overnight last week, is now suspended from seeing her children pending "compliance with the court's orders."

In the judge's original ruling, Britney was ordered to submit to random drug testing twice a week, spend eight hours a week getting parenting training, avoid alcohol or "other non-prescription controlled substances" 12 hours before taking custody of the children, attend co-parenting classes with her ex-husband, refrain from making derogatory remarks about her ex, his family, or significant other during the case, and not use corporal punishment on the kids. Also, any contact Spears with her children had be supervised by a parenting coach .

TMZ is reporting that Britney did not provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could find her to do the random tests and that is what triggered the suspension.

It seems like it might be a good idea for Britney's rotating personal assistants to be assigned the task of making sure all Britney's i's are dotted and t's crossed and court stipulations met-that is, if she wants to get her kids back.

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